Alternative Media

What is Alternative Media?

Alternative Media is a collection of independent magazines run by UC Irvine students. It seeks to organize distinct student voices around campus into accessible publications that enrich written expression outside mainstream publications. With an average of 6-8 publications in print yearly, students are able to bring together their own thoughts, opinions, artwork, and creativity in order to express their views about a wide-range of subject.

How to become an Alternative Media Publication

A publication must be approved by submitting an Alternative Media Contract to the Student Media Advisor along with a Statement of Purpose and/or Mission Statement as to why you would like to print an Alternative Media piece. This Contract can be obtained directly from the Student Media Advisor and must be signed before beginning publication.

Current Alternative Media Publications

Publication Name Contact Name Contact Email Additional Info
The Writer's Circle Melissa Mayr  
The Exhibit Rohan Raghavan
INC!TE Magazine Courtney Hamilton,
New Forum Vinny Tangherlini

Student Media Advisor

Stephanie N. Van Ginkel
Student Government & Student Media 
Associate Executive Director
(949) 824-2400