Club Check Requests will be available starting July 30, 2021


Account Balance and Reports

For inquiries on club balances, reports, and other questions regarding your account, please email
All requests must come from a UCI email, a personal email will not receive financial information. All requests must come from an authorized signer of the club.
In the email, please provide the following:

  • Full name of club (as seen on the Campus Groups registration)
  • ASUCI Account number

SGSM Deposits

Mail In Option- Clubs can mail in their deposits to our office if they are not able to drop off deposits on campus. Please note that our office does not control the length of time it takes for the mail to be received by us. We are not responsible for any deposits lost in the mail. Deposits with no slip will be returned to sender. Checks that are expired will be returned to sender and/or voided.

  1. Fill out the SGSM deposit slip (bottom copy is for the club to keep).
  2. Put SGSM deposit slip into envelope with the deposit.
    a. Clubs are highly advised on not sending cash or coins in the mail.
    b. If you are sending a check, make sure the club account number is in the memo section or in the top right corner. Checks should NOT be endorsed.
  3. Mail deposit to

ATTN: Business Office
G-244 Student Center
Irvine CA 92697
Zot Code: 1375

On Campus Drop Off option- Clubs are able to drop off deposits at the UPS store located on the second floor at Student Center. Deposits will be accepted during their regular business hours. Deposits with no slip will not be accepted. Checks that are expired will be voided.

  1. Fill out the SGSM deposit slip (bottom copy is for the club to keep).
  2. Provide the UPS staff with the deposit. All money and deposit slip should inside an envelope prior to providing it to the UPS staff.
    a. If you are depositing a check, make sure the club account number is in the memo section or in the top right corner. Checks should NOT be endorsed.
    b. UPS Store Hours are Monday-Friday 11am-4pm excluding university holidays.
  3. Write the club name and account number on the front of the envelope. The UPS employee will drop the deposit into our box and we will process accordingly when received.
SGSM Deposit Slip

Check Requests

  • All club check requests will be online until further notice. Student will be required to read through the policies thoroughly before proceeding to the check request.
    • Club check requests do not require receipts or supplemental documentation.
    • Only authorized signers of the organization are permitted to fill out a check request form and request a withdrawal of funds.
    • Requests will be fulfilled in the form of a check and will be mailed out to the address provided in the form below.
    • A request will be fulfilled when all information has been acquired and no changes are needed.
    • All information in the form below will be accurate and up to date.
    • The SGSM Business Office is not responsible for any lost checks in processing after it is mailed.
    • The requestor of this form is responsible for receiving and providing any edits required by the SGSM Business Office.
    • Students should make sure to check their spam, promotions, and other email folders to allow emails from
Club Check Request

Receiving Department Funding

  • Clubs and Organizations may receive funding from departments on campus to help assist with their programs and events. The ASUCI Business Office is happy to assist with transferring the funds to your ASUCI account with the instructions below:
    1. Have the department contact Khajika Soyoltulga at to request an invoice. The ASUCI Business Office will not take invoice requests from students or student organizations.
    2. The department must then provide the following information via email:
      • Department name
      • Department contact name and email
      • Club name and account number
      • Amount funded
      • Name of the club event

*Please note that the invoice process may take a few business days to a couple of weeks. Once ASUCI receives the funding, the club will be directly credited.*

Creating an ASUCI Account

  • Clubs that do not have an ASUCI account have the option to create one. In order to create an ASUCI account, please send an inquiry to: